Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation

Direct cremations are an increasingly popular alternative to conventional burials and funerals. Not only are they cheaper than traditional body burials, but many people choose to keep the cremated remains in their homes rather than burying them in a graveyard, which further reduces their total costs. Capital Cremations offers a direct cremation service to customers throughout London. Read on to find out more about what this service entails and who it’s best suited for.

What is a Direct Cremation ?

A direct cremation is a simple service whereby a deceased person’s remains are cremated. Upon completion, the ashes are returned to the deceased’s family to begin making arrangements for a funeral or memorial service. Direct cremation consists of only cremation and the small number of services needed to allow it to happen, such as collecting and transporting the deceased’s body.

This approach contrasts with other options, which often combine the cremation with a memorial service or funeral. While it might seem entirely logical to pair the two together, doing so increases the costs involved exponentially. When you pay for direct cremation, you aren’t paying for any kind of funeral services or events. The prices of direct cremation are relatively low because they don’t include the numerous extras associated with most funeral services:

  • Cremation of the deceased shortly after death. You can arrange for your loved one’s remains to be transferred straight from a hospital or mortuary to the crematory, cutting out funeral homes entirely. This alone can save a significant amount of money.
  • Cremation usually uses a simple container, not an ornate casket. Many cremation businesses, ours included, offer customers a simple yet elegant wooden casket. However, there is a range of suitable containers that we can use.
  • Cremation reduces a person’s remains to ash. As a result, there’s no need to hold any kind of viewing or visitation ceremony. Without a wake before the cremation, there’s no need to add the costs of embalming or other preparatory work onto your total.
  • Direct cremations are usually not attended by anyone other than the workers carrying them out. However, policies might vary between businesses.

Service options

One of the main appeals of direct cremations is that they enable mourners to arrange for their own memorial service or event at a later date. Direct cremations differ from ‘traditional’ creations in that they happen as soon as possible after death. Traditional cremations, on the other hand, occur after a memorial service has already happened.

After direct cremation, you will take possession of your loved one’s ashes. You can then say goodbye in whatever manner you think most appropriate. Many people choose to keep the deceased in an urn in their home; others scatter the ashes at a significant spot. The great thing about a direct cremation is it leaves you with complete control over the next steps.

What does our direct cremation service include?

Because direct cremations are much more stripped down than most memorial or disposal options, crematorium staff can usually handle all aspects of the cremation. When you order a direct cremation from capital cremations, you get all of the following as part of the package:

  • Transport and collection of the deceased: We will arrange for one of our hearses to collect your loved one’s remains directly from the mortuary where they are currently stored. Unlike traditional cremations, which occur after a memorial service has been held, direct cremations occur as soon as possible after death. All our hearses are driven by uniformed drivers who understand how to handle the unique cargo correctly.
  • All paperwork taken care of: Direct cremations require less admin than traditional cremations and funerals, but there are still forms to be filled in and other paperwork that needs to be in order. These kinds of administrative burdens can be tough for people who are already mourning the loss of a relative. We will take care of any required paperwork and ensure everything is completed and submitted appropriately and in good time.
  • Traditional oak veneer coffin: Cremations don’t require a fancy casket; whatever container the deceased is in will be reduced to ashes along with them. But many families understandably still want the best for their loved ones. We offer traditional wooden coffins with an oak veneer to provide an affordable balance between basic wooden coffins and the much more expensive modern alternatives.
  • Unattended cremation: Direct cremations are usually only attended by the staff carrying them out; there is no ceremony involved. Once the procedure is completed, we will contact you to arrange for the delivery of your loved one’s ashes in a suitable urn.
  • Hand-delivery of your loved one’s ashes: After the cremation is complete, you can either collect your loved one’s remains from our crematorium, or we can arrange to deliver them to your home address.
  • Our guide to memorial services: After taking receipt of your loved one’s ashes, it’s up to you when or if you hold a memorial service. Arranging this separately to the cremation is an excellent way of keeping costs to a minimum. However, many people find themselves stumped faced with organising a service without any outside input. Our guide to memorial services answers the most common questions people have and offers some sage-like advice straight from our experienced professional team.

How much does direct cremation cost?

Direct cremations are a much more simple and straightforward affair than traditional cremations or funerals. Direct cremation enables you to avoid the majority of the most significant costs associated with standard cremations. You don’t have to worry about preparing your loved one’s body for a funeral or pre-cremation memorial service, nor do you have to pay a funeral home to take delivery of the body and store it until arrangements are made.

Capital Cremations offers direct cremation services starting at just £1100. Most of our competitors won’t go below £1500, making us one of the most affordable options in the UK. We strive to maintain the best price possible for our customers without compromising the quality of the service we offer.

How do I know if direct cremation is the right choice for me?

We are all different when it comes to dealing with grief and death. Arranging any kind of funeral or memorial service for a deceased relative can be a fraught and complicated process. You need to consider several things before deciding whether an unattended direct cremation is the right choice for you and your family.

Your loved one’s wishes

The first thing to consider is the wishes of the deceased. If they left a will, it might stipulate their funeral wishes and specify whether they wish to be cremated or buried. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware there are different forms of cremation available. So they will assume that someone who wants to be cremated wants a conventional cremation rather than a direct cremation. If they didn’t leave a will or express their preference while they were alive, you will need to use your best judgement and talk it over with everyone else involved.

Their personality

Was your loved one an adventurous free spirit or a more traditional conservative type? The personality of the deceased can give you a starting point for your deliberations. A free-spirited kind of person may well prefer the idea of having their ashes scattered somewhere by their family over the thought of a formal memorial service. Direct cremations also enable families to organise whatever kind of memorial event they feel is most appropriate; there’s no pressure for it to conform to most people’s idea of what such an event should be like.

Your family finances

On average, direct cremations are around 25% of the cost of a standard funeral in the UK. While most of us would be willing to go the extra mile to ensure our loved ones had an appropriate send-off, the reality is that these costs are simply too much for many families. If the burden of funeral or cremation costs is likely to cause financial issues and stress, direct cremations are an excellent route to take. Don’t put further strain on yourself or your family by taking on unrealistic financial costs out of a sense of obligation.

What to do with the ashes

People who specifically request the cremation of their remains in their wills will often specify their wishes regarding the final resting place of their ashes. Some people even choose cremation because their ashes can be scattered and set free; they don’t have to remain in the same spot forever. Some families find that there is an obvious place of significance to their loved ones that would be an ideal location to scatter their ashes. This alone can make a cremation more appealing than a funeral.

Capital Cremations offers direct cremation packages starting at just £1100. Our direct cremations are among the most affordable options for taking care of your loved one’s remains after they die. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer and receive a free quote for you and your family.

What are the benefits of a direct cremation?

The direct cremation option is ideal for those who want to celebrate their loved one’s lives privately. There are several reasons why many people prefer this option to the alternative:

  • It costs less: Dealing with grief is stressful enough at the best of times; no one wants to take on additional stress or deal with needless complications. Direct cremation provides a lower-cost, stripped-down alternative to more comprehensive packages. There are still some professional services involved which add to the cost, but with our already unbeatable prices, direct cremations are ideal for families on a budget.
  • Grieve for them in your own way: Not everyone is looking for a traditional funeral or memorial service for their loved one. After a direct cremation, we deliver the deceased’s ashes to you, leaving you free to decide for yourself how you want to remember them. You can craft a memorial service to remember them the way you want. For those that find traditional funerals too emotionally taxing, hosting a more celebratory remembrance event at a later date is a welcome alternative.
  • A simple approach: Arranging a large funeral or service can present a serious logistical challenge. Direct cremations are simpler and more affordable than lavish funerals, enabling families to focus their time and energy on the mourning process.
  • Scatter the ashes somewhere significant: One of the most common reasons that some people prefer the idea of being cremated to being buried is that their family can scatter their ashes at a location of their or their family’s choosing. Unlike burials, which are generally restricted to cemeteries and graveyards, you can scatter people’s ashes just about anywhere you like. With direct cremation, it’s up to you what you do with your loved one’s remains.