How much does it cost for a cremation in the UK?
Most affordable Cremation Service in London – Direct Cremation £830 Total

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The cremation over traditional funeral rate in London has increased significantly over the years as more and more people are preferring this type of funeral over burial. The main reason for this change is demographic – there are now more elderly people who live alone and do not have anyone to take care of their funeral arrangements. As cremation is much cheaper than a traditional funeral, it is becoming more and more popular.

The cremation process is essentially the same as a traditional funeral, but without the body present. The deceased’s ashes are placed in an urn and then either buried or scattered, depending on the wishes of the family. One of the main benefits of cremation is that it takes up much less space than burial, so it is ideal for people who live in small apartments or do not have access to a large cemetery.

There are some environmental concerns associated with cremation – particularly the fact that mercury from dental fillings is released into the atmosphere. However, this can be controlled by using an environmentally friendly cremation process or by recycling the cremated remains in a way that limits the release of mercury.

In modern society, there are many different ways to celebrate someone’s life, which include memorial services and funerals. The type of funeral chosen depends on the wishes of the deceased person (if they kept a will) and their family. A traditional burial is typically more expensive than cremation though; if cost is one of your main concerns when arranging a funeral then you should consider the fact that you can organise an affordable direct cremation through Capital Cremations London service centre – 020 7100 6074 .

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