How much does it cost for a cremation in the UK?

How much does it cost for a cremation in the UK?

One of the first questions family and friends want to know after a loved one passes away is: “how much will it cost?” Although this can be a difficult question to answer, we will do our best to give you an idea of what cremation services can cost. The price range for cremations in London is between £700 and £8500 – however, most funerals fall within the lower end of that scale. To learn more about how funeral prices are determined and what affects them, read on!

Direct Cremation Service
Direct Cremation Service

Your first step should be to contact local funeral homes in your area for pricing information. A list of those serving your area can be found here: UK Crematoriums . Call around and discuss the available options with them, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Pricing information for the same exact cremation may vary from place to place, so make sure you are getting a quality service at an affordable price.

Once you have consulted with several funeral homes and settled on the package that offers the most value for your budget, take advantage of our free, no obligation quote form to find out how much it will cost to cremate your loved one. We can compare prices with local London companies to ensure you are getting the best deal possible!


When determining how much a Cremation in London could cost, first consider whether the body is being transferred over long distances. If so, costs may increase due to travel fees along with services provided by additional staff members who may travel with the body.

Cremation London: Direct Cremations

The best and most affordable option for a funeral is a direct cremation, sometimes referred to as a simple cremation. A direct cremation requires only the transportation of the deceased from place of death (home, hospital) to the crematorium and then on into the furnace room where it is destroyed by intense heat. This process takes about one hour (although transport time will add an additional hour or two). A large portion of our business comes from people who find they can cope better knowing their loved one has been dealt with respectfully and efficiently, without all the ceremony and pomp used in other types of funerals.

Direct Cremations usually cost between £700and £8500, however the vast majority fall within the lower end of that scale.


Cremation London: Basic Funeral Service

If you want a simple cremation but also desire all or some of the arrangements to be handled for you, then you will need an affordable basic funeral service. The basic funeral service includes transportation to and from our facilities, as well as all crematory fees (aside from an additional fee for Cremation Packages). A basic funeral with services starts around £900* (*price based on direct cremation). You can find out more information about our prices here .

This level is appropriate if your family members are not geographically close by – it would simply involve transferring your loved one’s body to the crematorium and then the cremated remains to a distant location.


Cremation London: Traditional Funeral Service

If you want a cremation service that includes a visitation, funeral, and/or memorial service at our facilities, as well as all other necessary arrangements, then you will need an affordable traditional funeral service. We include options for visitation before or after the funeral (in case family members live too far away to make it to services) as well as assistance with catering for any receptions afterwards. In addition, we also handle all transfers and crematory fees associated with this level of package. A basic traditional funeral package could begin around £1500* (*price based on direct cremation). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Cremation London: Full Planning Services

For those who wish to plan every detail of their loved one’s cremation, we offer full planning services that include assistance with all necessary arrangements. These may be difficult decisions for some families, however experienced staff members are available around the clock to provide help and support throughout your time of need. The price for this service will vary depending on what you desire – please contact us to get a quote based on your specific situation. We can also provide you with helpful advice if you are looking at costs but aren’t quite ready to make any final decisions about what you want or how much it should cost.

For more general information about pricing our direct cremations in London , please feel free to contact us or call 020 7100 6074. We offer both basic and traditional funeral services, as well as full planning from £830 .

Cremation London: Low Cost Funeral Package

There’s no need to spend a large portion of your savings on a funeral – we provide cost-effective cremations that do not skimp on quality. Our affordable direct cremation packages start at just £830* (*price based on direct cremation). To give you an idea of what this service entails, it includes everything from transportation to the crematorium up until the time the deceased is placed in the furnace room to be destroyed by intense heat. This service takes about one hour (although transport time can add an additional hour or two depending on how far the distance is). You can also choose to have this service provided at one of our local funeral homes if you so desire.

For more information about how much it costs for a cremation in London , please feel free to get in touch with us . We offer low-cost funeral packages that include many features that are generally found in traditional funerals, all for an affordable price.


Cremation London: FAQs About Cremations


Q: How long does a cremation take?

A: This will depend on which type of cremation you or your loved one’s family members want (or can afford) – however most direct cremations only take about 1 hour from start to finish, while full planning services can take up to four hours.

Q: How much does it cost for a cremation in the UK?

A: Prices vary based on what type of service you or your family chooses, including whether or not a traditional funeral service is available and if pre-planning is involved. Traditional funerals may begin at £1500 , while direct cremations start at around £830 . Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how much it costs for a cremation in London .

Q: Can I donate my body for medical research?

A: Yes – at Capital Cremations we will arrange all necessary paperwork for this process. Body donation programs are mostly state funded, which means they offer non monetary compensation, however your loved ones can rest easy knowing that you have helped further the advancement of medicine and science.

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