Cremation Service at the Chapel. A direct cremation isn’t suitable for everyone.

Funeral Service at the Chapel

A direct cremation isn’t suitable for everyone. Some families prefer to integrate the cremation with the memorial service rather than holding the service separately at a later date. Our service at the crematorium package offers both the cremation and funeral together as one item.

Like our direct cremation package, the service at the crematorium includes the collection and care of the deceased. We offer simple, elegant coffins for your loved one’s remains to lay in once they are in our care. A black hearse driven by a uniformed driver will ferry the deceased to the crematorium for the service, which a professional personal funeral conductor will lead.

Capital Cremations will take care of all the planning for the funeral and make arrangements on your behalf. While covid-19 restrictions remain in place, we won’t conduct face-to-face meetings during the planning phase. However, we will endeavour to contact the bereaved as often as possible to discuss our progress. It’s up to you how much input you want in the process. Some people feel more comfortable allowing us to make all the arrangements while they focus on their families.

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