This FAQ is intended to provide information and general guidance to families who need help in arranging a cremation service in London, UK.

  1. What is a cremation service?

On the day of the funeral, the coffin will be placed in a crematorium chapel for family members and close friends to say their final farewells. There is usually only one cremation per day at a location so you can expect it to last around 60 minutes.  The coffin urn is placed on a heated platform and the crematorium attendant will light the fire. Once the body has been cremated, any remaining ashes are removed and placed in an urn which can be either buried or placed in a columbarium.

  1. What type of coffin can be used for cremation?

Most coffins used for a cremation service are constructed from a material called upvc, which is an acronym for the plastic monomer unit vinyl chloride. Clients have to provide their own coffin or urn, so it’s important that you select something that not only reflects your loved one but that can survive the intense heat of the furnace.

3.What are the costs involved with cremation?

The cost of a cremation service in London varies depending on the location, type of coffin or urn required, whether you require an outer casket, and whether you have chosen additional services such as catering. The most expensive part of any funeral is almost always buying a headstone so it can be a good idea to move money from the headstone budget into that of the funeral service.

  1. Do you offer cremation only funerals?

We have been approached by numerous companies over the years who approach us as part of a quest for cheap cremations, cremation without a service. We are not one of those companies and we find this very sad. To cremate someone is to destroy them which makes their life more important – not less – and it deserves to be remembered with dignity and respect – which brings us back to why we do what we do… Funerals come in all shapes, styles and sizes but they always say goodbye with style!  A funeral should be an experience family members want to remember notone they wish they could forget.

Cremation Services in London

A direct cremation costs  £830 and covers the collection and care of your loved one, the cremation itself, and the return of their ashes in a temporary urn. You then have the freedom to arrange a personal memorial service with your loved one’s ashes present. This can be anywhere from your own home, to a favourite restaurant, to a local beauty spot. This is often the cheapest funeral option as it doesn’t require a funeral director.

After receiving the ashes from a cremation, many families arrange their own personal memorial service. You’re then free to display or scatter the ashes anywhere you wish – or you could even create a series of mementos for your family.

It takes between one and two weeks to receive the ashes after a cremation. With direct cremation, these are usually hand-delivered to you in a temporary urn. But if you arrange a traditional cremation with a funeral director on the high street, the cremation ash may need to be collected from the crematorium or funeral home.

You can arrange a funeral from the comfort of home with Capital Cremations. In this guide, we’ll explain the options available, how much it costs and what you can do with the ashes after the service.

The cost of a funeral might be daunting, but at Cremation London you can arrange the perfect goodbye at an affordable price. A funeral in the UK can cost anywhere from £1100 to well over £10,000 depending on the type of service you want. At an average of £5,000, a traditional burial is the most expensive option, while a direct cremation is the cheapest.